Erika Rincón

senior associate


Erika is based in the Bay Area and has 15 years of experience working to advance equity and access to opportunity for low-income people of color in California.

Partnering across several coalitions, she has extensive experience in shaping state transportation policy and planning to maximize mobility, safety, and economic benefits in low-income communities of color through her prior role at PolicyLink. Her state policy campaign work also focused on climate investment programs, the infrastructure sector, and the state workforce system, where she previously led efforts to increase access to workforce development and quality jobs for communities facing barriers to employment, including boys and men of color and formerly incarcerated people. She brings wide-ranging experience in community-based planning, education outreach, research, and capacity building through previous positions with Latino Issues Forum, Safe Routes to Schools, Richmond High School, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Erika received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a concentration in International Relations from the University of California, Los Angeles and dual Master Degrees in City and Regional Planning and Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley. She has also studied and volunteered in Venezuela and México.